Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lonely Eastside Girl Vol. 3

By request.....extracted from the vaults....Lonely EastSide Girl Vol. 3. This post was made possible by our Chicago Princess DustyRose. Big thanx 2 our Windy City Homegirl!


01. The Spaniels - Baby, It's You
02. The Spinners - What Did She Use 
03. The Matadors - Be Good To Me 
04. Dino Matthews - The Girl That I Love 
05. The De-Loghts - I'm Coming Home 
06. Davenport Sisters - You've Got Me Crying Again
07. The Brothers Unique - Heavy Days 
08. The Class-Set - I'll Let You Go 
09. Jimmy ''Soul'' Clark - I'll Be Your Winner (I'll Be Your Champion) 
10. Sly, Slick And Wicked - Surely, Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby 
11. Silent Majority - Colors Of My Love 
12. Carolyn Cooke - Take Me Away 
13. Dee Edwards - Why Can't There Be Love
14. Porgy & The Monarchs - Somebody Said 
15. The Spontanes - Where Did I Go Wrong 
16. Marion Stewart - I Must Be Losing You 
17. Black Nasty - Rushin' Sea 
18. The Thompsons - Love In Her Eyes
19. The Binders - You Don't Have To Cry Anymore 
20  Bobby Patterson - Right Place, Wrong Time

Post by G MAN
Tracks courtesy of SOLOE & G MAN
Album cover by G MAN



  1. The Brothers Unique, The Binders.......sweet!
    Thank you.
    Gonzo from L.A.

  2. Great comp! Many thanks to ROSE,SOLOE & THE G-MAN!!

  3. Thanx to G Man & Soloe for the rolas, and DustyRose for giving me a second chance to complete my Lonely East Side Girl collection. Thanks again.

  4. Props to G-Man, Soloe, and especially the Rose of Chicago!

  5. Heavenly music my friend.