Friday, November 18, 2011

Sunset Memories: You're Gone, Vol. 1

* Attention New Link Updated 09/10/12 *

Here's an old album I put together some time ago that has lots of out of the ordinary rare tracks. Check it out for yourself and let me know if I called that correct.

1. Foxy Lila (I Want To Make Love To You)...Dwight Franklin
2. Loving You Baby Is So Hard To Do...125th St. Candy Store
3. You're Gone...Celest Hardie
4. When You're Alone...The World's Funkiest Band
5. You're Mine...The People's Choice
6. Speed Up...Betty Moorer
7. Can't Take This Pain...The Steelers
8. First Taste of Hurt...Willie Tee
9. Tomorrow is not a Promise...Carol Anderson
10. I'm Alive...Sage
11. Got to Leave This Town...Sammy Brown
12. What Do You See In Her...Inell Young
13. Said You Didn't Love Him...Strutt
14. You Knock Me Out...Clarence Reid
15. You Succeeded...Sandra Phillips
16. Don't Ever Hurt Me Girl...The Rotations
17. Drifting...Claude "Baby" Huey
18. See and Don't See...Mary "Queenie" Lyons
19. Time Ain't Gonna Do Me No Favors...Frederick Hymes III

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