Monday, April 30, 2012

Scavenjah's Souldies Vol. 1

Per request from the homie BROWNBOY I bring you volume one of Scavenjah's Souldies. I've got a few more where these came from so if you're diggin' it holler back and leave a comment. 

Big thanx goes to my Up North Homie Scavenjah for giving me the ok to share this volume with the familia.

And another big thanx 2 our Chicago Princess DUSTYROSE for hooking up the link! 


01 - 21st Century - Remember the rain
02 - C-Quents - Dearest One
03 - Soul Communicators - Please don't go
04 - Elusions - I'd like to say I love you
05 - Wilmer & The Dukes - I Do Love You
06 - Soul Generation - I Wonder What She's Doing
07 - Three Reasons - Take Me Back
08 - The Elemintes - Save It For A Rainy Day
09 - The Cresendos - My Hearts Desire
10 - Serenaders - I'll Cry Tomorrow
11 - Jobbettes - What You Gonna Do
12 - Fillmotions - Young Girl
13 - Impressions - I Dreamed Last Night
14 - Argyles - Moonbeam
15 - Jamecos - Most Of All
16 - Houston Outlaws - What Am I Gonna Do
17 - Jimmy And The Sundials - All About You
18 - Syl Johnson - Could I Be Falling In Love

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Tracks courtesy of SCAVENJAH
Album cover by SCAVENJAH



  1. Diggin' these comps...missed out on the first five vols. so this is a treat for me!Thanks for the fine tunes!

  2. Thatz whatz up, way to bring back some FIRME classics from back in tha day!! Much LUV out to U - GMAN, Schavenja, Rosalie!

  3. thnx for taking the time out of your day to post these classic rolas homie

  4. billy mac- Wow, I remember this great series.Thanks G, DR and of course, Scavenjah for the killer tunes. I need volumes 2 and 5 G man.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing Another great put together

  6. Ciao G man,
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful tunes my friend.
    Greetings from freezing Belgium.